Frequently Asked Questions

What is Matchbox Video?

Matchbox Video is the easiest way to generate a video from a Google Slides presentation. You pick a Google Slides presentation, choose a couple of options and then click a button, and then we give you back a narrated video, using state of the art text to speech to convert your speaker notes into an audio track.

Why does this exist?

We were looking for a clean, efficient, secure, simple way to generate training and instructional videos out of our Google Slides presentations, complete with audio narration.

Will the video include animations from Google Slides presentations?

Not at this time. Google Slides does not export the animations in a format that can be converted into video.

How much does it cost?

Matchbox Video costs $3.00 for each video, which includes state of the art text to speech conversion of up to 10000 words in the speaker notes, for any number of slides. You can see full pricing information here.

How do I know it works?

You will be able to generate a sample of just the first 3 slides, with up to 100 words, before you pay.

Do I need to sign up or create an account?

Yes. The process to access your Google Slides presentation for conversion requires that you sign in with Google and grant us permission to access your content.

Is there a recurring charge?


How do you handle payments?

We use Stripe for all our credit card payments. We also accept Paypal payments.

I want to do things with my Google Slides presentation that you don't do?

Contact us! Send us a message, or email us at

I have another question not covered here?

Contact us! Send us a message, or email us at